Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why I Blog

All my computer skills are self taught... and there is a learning curve for me...  I have BDDTPP... (Brain Damage Due to Peroxide Poisoning,) and when I began blogging I didn't even know what blogging was.  My husband's deployment to the Middle East with the United States Army for two years, and then his transfer of service to the State Department for the last three fueled my need to blog.  I thought to myself when I started, "it is so much cheaper than therapy sort of a personal journal out loud."  I love it!  I have gained friends all around the world, people who are really important to me, and I am important to them... Who'd a thought!  Don't have a huge audience, but it has grown, and I never needed a huge audience.  "Communication, whether written, spoken, signed, or presented in the art forms is the essence of the human existence."  Debra LeCompte

Did I mention I love my little miniature goat named Rocket?  She has been a comfort to me in the long absences of my husband.  I will miss her when I move to Kuwait, but she will be here when we return home, waiting for us.  She loves my husband so, she butts heads with him for fun... Literally, he plays a game with her where they butt heads together...  He says it is good training for his job with the State Department.  You will love this little video where I tried to find an animal to share her pen for companionship.  Her Emily Post was a little shaky on the subject of entertaining bunnies....

 Now where else would I have a place to voice such thoughts other than in my own little blog about my life adventure of moving to Kuwait with my husband as he serves with the United States Department of State?