Friday, January 24, 2014

I Just Don't Know About Patriot Going to Kuwait With Us

Patriot is the sweet Australian Shepherd which I rescued at Tony's the local restaurant in Sealy, one day after church.  I named her Patriot, and shortened that to Patti.

 She was soaking wet from being out in the rain with her two siblings, (I talked two other folks into taking the sibs,) and covered in fleas.  After a warm bath with flea shampoo, she snuggled down and got warm.

She became the newest member of our household.  She didn't housebreak well, so soon she became an outside dog.  She enjoyed being outside, because there was more room to run.  She loves to run, to jump, and to herd...

I will confess, I have neglected the training part.  Health issues, and another of those scorching hot summers in Texas kept me inside for much of the summer.

You be the judge, where do I start with Patti in her present state of mind?
Is she a good candidate for life in Kuwait?
Would she be welcome at the Embassy?