Friday, January 17, 2014

Sharing My World With Kuwait

Posting pictures of the birds of Soldier's Heart Ranch is something I enjoy doing, and as in a previous post, I am adding these to the blog to share with Kuwait some of what my world has been.  I enjoy so much looking at the images and photos of the wild birds found in Kuwait.  There are many water fowl which I have found, but others which are desert dwellers too!  Can not wait for the opportunity to photograph your birds!  In the mean time, here are photos of some birds that frequent our ranch I wish to share with you.

This is a female Cardinal, isn't she a beauty!

One of the water fowl of Texas, the always elegant Great Egret.

This bird is known as an Eastern Phoebe.

This is the Eastern Blue Bird, red, white, and blue, just like a Texas flag.

This is a Great Blue Heron, which is very difficult to get a photo of.  One dark and gray winter day I caught this one fishing in our pond.  He frequents our pond, but they are very shy birds, and I have had a hard time getting  photos of him, he has a small fish in his beak, which he has caught in the pond.

I have seen images online of some of the beautiful birds of Kuwait, and as I have said, I am looking forward to becoming familiar with the birds, and capturing photos to share with the world.