Thursday, January 9, 2014

So, I've Learned Some Things, and Made Some New Friends!

I put out feelers for information from those really in the know about what life will be like in Kuwait.  Everything so far sounds so intriguing!  Here are just a few of the little tid bits I have collected which I am trying to absorb:  I made two very nice friends in the deal, both are lovely women I know I will enjoy becoming close to as our friendships grow.  Thanks Meghan and Karen, you ladies are the best!

1. Men and women are very separate, even in fairly liberal circles, in mixed groups men socialize with men, and women with women.  However as a foreigner, there will not be the same expectations of me always.  In fact, if I am invited to some one's house with my husband, I might be shown to a guest room with the host and other guests, but I will not meet any of the women.

2. Some men may offer to shake my hand, if they have worked or studied in the West or work with  Western women.  If a hand shake is proffered, shake hands, and some men will not offer their hand, and I then should I assume not offer mine first.

3. I love this next one, Arabs on the whole are fairly conservative, with very strong family values. So am I!

4. Dressing conservatively and taking off one's shoes before entering someone's house always
shows respect.

5. Try to learn some basic Arabic, it will be appreciated...   I've already been working on that one,     but Randy laughs at me when I try to say the things he is teaching me...

More of what I have learned to follow!

Now I must ask, how about my hat, can I take and wear my hat? How about a poll?  Please vote in the poll above, and I will follow your advice.