Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Like Winter Weather, As Long As I Don't Have to Get Out In It

I will miss the winter weather when we move to Kuwait.  It is sleeting for the third time at my house this year. I live an hour from Houston. I can't believe this. While I love the snuggling in front of the fire place with my computer, I hate feeding the horses and other animals in the cold, the ice, and the mud. 

The cold weather also makes me miss my husband Randy. When we were going to military balls, I remember one where we were at the command in Chicago, and attending General Anson's celebration ball upon his receiving his first star.  Brigade business kept my husband at the unit up til the time we had to leave for the ball, so I had dressed in the unit lady's room.  That wasn't particularly desirable, but I was always a good Army wife, and it didn't ruffle my feathers the least bit.  

We arrived at the front of the hotel where the event was being held, and I was as dressed up as I get... long formal... long white fur coat, the whole deal... Like the "eight grade boy trapped in a man's body" that he is, we get out to allow the valet parking and my husband began throwing snowballs at me... he was in his "dress mess," I was in my long WHITE coat... long formal with a "fan tail," which I was holding up with my right hand to keep it out of the snow.  For a bright man... sometimes... he runs with scissors. Ladies, that is just one of the reasons we love a man in uniform, isn't it?

Sometimes I just love being out in the winter weather...