Tuesday, October 7, 2014

More Movie Star Barbies!

I am inventorying and making pictures of my Barbie doll collection as we move to Germany, and the collection is extensive.  Sometimes work is so much fun!  This hobby gives me so much enjoyment, not to mention making me the favorite Nana!  In fact it makes friends of every child, or child at heart that I meet.  I love sharing my collection with children.  So perhaps I will make a friend of you too as I share my work/play!

Now who is this famous Barbie a representation of, certainly she is famous!

Do you recognize Erica Kane from the soap opera All My Children?

I own this doll in several costumes, she is lovely in all of them.

Perhaps you recognize her famous husband?

Frank Sinatra is of course easily recognized, and he came with a devoted fan!

I was lucky and was able to obtain two of these dolls 
representing Doris Day, and she is escorted by Mr. Rock Hudson.

This doll is a representation of the famous character Lois Lane, from the movie Superman.

Last but not least, one of a set of characters I know you will immediately recognize.  He is a beloved character from the movie The Wizard of Oz!

I can hear him singing now, If I Only Had a Brain!