Friday, April 18, 2014

I Signed This Petition for Many Reasons

I signed the following petition on for many reasons, the first being the husband and wife, who are a mother and father, and who have been imprisoned in Qatar without cause.  For them, for their children, and for the people of the Middle East, and those countries of the Middle East who desire to rise and take their place of honor in our world, I signed this petition.

For whatever reason, this complete injustice, (the reasons seem fairly apparent to me as being prejudice, corruption, and blatant bias,) has been committed against this family who saw opportunity and a happy life being available in the country of Qatar.

Of course no one, nor any other government of the world really has any say so in what the country of Qatar does... but the people of that country do...  I KNOW there are good men and women in that country with the leadership skills, integrity, power, and honor to change this situation without the consideration of anyone or anything outside of their country interfering, bringing pressure, or in any other way influencing the justice system of Qatar from the outside.

I call upon those favored and blessed of God men and women of Qatar to move to do before the world what is right and just, and to, for the sake of the honor and reputation of their country and their people exert the power of their own righteousness before God and man, and free the man and woman, who are husband and wife, mother and father, to innocent children, and restore this family, and the reputation before the world of Qatar and her people.  May your country be favored and blessed by God for the honor of those who serve in your country who are devoted to Qatar and her people.  The road which Qatar takes in this matter will be observed by myself, and the entire world. May God guide you all wisely, for ultimately, that is to whom we all must answer.