Thursday, March 6, 2014

Powerful News From Our Dear Friend!

As my husband has served in the American Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, it has been our great privilege to come to know and call dearest of friends Canon Andrew White.  The story of his life is amazing and compelling.  Above all else he loves and serves God, and after that his heart and life are a sacrifice for the people of Iraq, where his heart resides.  He has been this past 10 days in meetings bringing together the religious leaders of Iraq, all of the religious leaders of Iraq,.. in the same place... in the same mission... in the same endeavor, and loving your neighbor as yourself has prevailed in the meetings of these great committed men.  God has prevailed in these meetings.  The Bible says, "if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me."

God loves the people of the Middle East with a passion we cannot fathom.  His desire is for peace for their people, the peace that the world cannot give, and cannot take away, no matter what rages around them.  His Word goes out, His love goes out, His mercy and grace, and it does not return void.

Pray for the people of the Middle East, they have suffered so long, buried their dead daily, and God desires for their hearts to know and be comforted by Him.  Peace gives the opportunity for His Word to go out.

This is the message going out from Brother Andrew with this photo on his Facebook page.  You should follow him, he is changing the world.

An incredible meeting of the Iraqi religious leaders. Shia, Sunni, Christians and others declaring we are one. We arrived in fear and the result of our meeting is that "Fear Is Cancelled".