Monday, February 8, 2016

Carnival Season Parade in Wiesbaden Germany

 Since 1859 Wiesbaden, Germany has celebrated Fifth Season, "Funfte Jahreszeit" as it is called in Germany.  A big festive time began on Thursday, February 4th of this year with a tradition known as Altweiberfastnacht in the old part of the city. On Saturday there was  a grand children's festival, and then on Sunday, after church we attended the children's parade watching from near the Wiesbaden Hauptbahnhof.  The tradition is for the celebrators to then to storm the Wiesbaden town hall and reign as the authority until Ash Wednesday.  We didn't participate in that tradition, but I did get awesome pictures of the parade!

Being a children's parade, clowns were in abundance, and the details of their costumes were amazing!

There were big and little clowns, smiling and solemn clowns, and little bitty dinosaurs too!

There were clowns sharing secrets...

Of course, I love the red clowns the best!