Saturday, November 14, 2015

I Am So Broken Hearted for the Mothers of France

I remember so well my own grief on 911, and my own fear.  My fear immediately centered on my daughter and son-in-law who were both serving at Fort Hood Texas in the United States Army.  So much is spoken of the sacrifices of our military, and rightly so, but there is a greater sacrifice...  The greatest sacrifice a Service Member can make is their own life.  When you are a mother, father, spouse, child, sibling, etc., of someone serving in the military, the greatest sacrifice you can make is surviving after the Service Member, and living with your loss. 

On two more occasions, both of the mass shootings which occurred at Ft. Hood, again I was the mother of a daughter serving, and a son-in-law serving.  I had chest pain until I heard their voices, and knew for certain they had survived. Not only were my adult loved ones in harm's way on the day of that first attack, but my two beautiful grand-daughters were potential targets as well. I drove like a mad woman from my home near Bellville, Texas to pick them up from a friend's house where they were staying, since both their parents were confined at Fort Hood for many hours until the all clear was given.  I was shopping in Walmart and passed a television set with the news of the second mass shooting at Fort. Hood, I remember almost fainting as I frantically dialed my son-in-law William, and finally got hold of him.  It is important that I convey where my husband was on the two occasions of "shooters at Ft. Hood."  The first time, he was on duty in Afghanistan with the United States Army.  The second time he was on duty with the United States Army in Baghdad, Iraq.  Mothers and wives in particular bear such burdens during war.

Yet my stress and pain did not subside with discovering that all those I loved had survived, and were completely unharmed. For days, weeks, months, and years, I lived, and live still with those I love so dearly serving my country in places of grave risk.  So this morning, I pray for all of France, but I pray more fervently for the mothers and wives, and the other family members of those who serve in the military and law enforcement of France.  My heart is with you all, and I will faithfully pray for you, and the protection of your loved ones.

The Young Martyr, Musee du Louvre, Paris France

By Paul Delaroche

In this beautiful painting, there is a star in the upper left hand, the scene is painted just at dawn.  That star it is recorded, represents Lucifer, Star of the Morning, the father of evil, and the two shadowy figures are the grieving parents of the young Christian woman martyred for her faith.  This art work is one of the most moving pieces I have ever beheld.