Thursday, September 3, 2015

I Have Personaly Felt Compelled To Do All I Can

I have personally felt such compassion for the sea of humanity seeking refugee status here in Germany, and I am making efforts to do all that I can in this cause.  Germany is leading the way in one of the most challenging crises of our times. I made a request through the CG of the American Consulate in Frankfurt, Mr. Jim Herman, and he inquired through officials channels for a list of needed items, and returned this information for all who wish to assist Germany in this most difficult undertaking.  These initial needs pertain to children, and are the ones dearest to my own heart.  I will publish further details with additional organization contact information which will help you get involved in solutions with the outreach programs that are leading the efforts in the Frankfurt area tomorrow.  There lies a long road ahead...

Items needed for women with small children would be:
-          Baby bottles
-          Baby clothes (NB – 2/3T US size – German size 50-104)
-          Sterilizers
-          Cribs
-          Toys (no plush) that can be easily disinfected if not new in box
-          Strollers and push chairs
For the older children the following items are helpful:
-          Water dispenser
-          Radios (please make sure they have a German plug)
-          Badminton rackets
-          Soccer balls
-          Bicycles and bicycle locks
-          Swim trunks
-          Shoes
Should you want to make a specific donation in this category, please email and leave your name and phone number. You will receive a call back.