Sunday, April 26, 2015

Now Germany, This is What I'm Talking About

I have missed one thing in Germany so much... Tex-Mex food.   Posados Cafe is located at 6770 Fossil Bluff in Ft. Worth, Texas, and they are the real deal!

A proper Tex-Mex restaurant has good lighting!

A really cool wall mural...

Wild decor...

However, the most key element to knowing whether you are in a great Mexican restaurant is the chips and salsa which is ALWAYS served free of charge.
This place has the very light, perfectly fried and salted chips, with perfectly seasoned salsa!  So yum!  Those complimentary sopapllias served at the end end with the complimentary ice cream just synches the deal.  Then the manager walks to your table with "10% discount cards" for your next visit!  We will be making a next visit!

 Just add Family!