Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Last Easter I Published This Post From the Ranch

This year we will be in Germany, and I am busy decorating the house for Easter here in Germany.  I will miss my home in Texas, but I am really getting excited about the garden and decorating our Germany home.  So I invite you for a little mini tour of back home while I make preparations here in Germany.  I will soon publish pictures of our home as I arrange it for Easter here in Germany.   Enjoy last year's post while I work on this year's post!

I love Christmas, it is about the birth of our Lord, but Easter is about the death of our Lord and his resurrection to life again!  Spring is my favorite season of the year too.  When Spring arrives, the earth gives birth again to all its' treasures, everything becomes new!  New life comes from the ground, from the domestic animals at the ranch, and from the wildlife at the ranch.  The Spring flowers are everywhere now at the ranch, but the house plants are just as happy to see Spring.

When I was caring for the plants this morning, I noticed that they are doing so well, and I decided to decorate them for Easter.  I really like the results!  I just placed a little ceramic rabbit in one of the large plants, and plastic Easter eggs in all shades and hues in all of the plants.  Real eggs are full of life and when left with their mother, 
they soon reveal new life, another 
creature from the Creator.

This little grouping of plants is very happy near the big double doors which are the main entrance to our home.  They add color, texture,  and design elements, and as you can tell, I do not ascribe to the minimalist design  which is so popular now.  I rather like my eye to be presented with multiple objects of different textures, colors, and composition.  I want visitors to my home to be compelled to study all that is there, and to understand me better after doing so.

The term "minimalist" generally refers to a design style applied to anything which reflects being spare or stripped down to only its essentials.  In the written or spoken self expression which I engage in, I tend to carefully choose my words, but always generously use enough to accurately communicate.  The same goes with my own, very unique, and "I love to ignore what is trending," decorating style.  I decorate our home with what we love, what speaks of who we are, and significantly important, things which are not expensive.  There are so many other resources which should receive the benefit of our financial resources.  Those things always deal with loving people.