Friday, December 5, 2014

There Is So Much To Write About In Neu-Isenburg!

This country fascinates me!  Everywhere I look, something new catches my eye.  I don't know for sure, but I am almost certain there is no more captivating and innovative a town in Germany than Neu Isenburg.  It is lovely, filled with picturesque sights, very old and beautiful structures, and all of the latest and most innovative things as well, but is the people which make it so special.  Relationships and the communication which goes on within them are the exact essence of the human experience.  In a place where the common people, not just those whose job it is to do so, welcome strangers from a foreign country with such ease and grace, you know you have found a rare and wonderful experience.  So it has been for us in Neu-Isenburg.  Many neighbors, church members, our landlady, her architect and his young and beautiful associate, all these charming folks have warmed our hearts and made us to feel so welcome in Germany.  We hope to share many memories with them all, and to form lifetime relationships.  That means my delicious little kitchen will be busy!