Friday, February 21, 2014

Chance is Defiitely Going to Kuwait!

I have an adorable addition to the household, and he is the other pet which will go to Kuwait with us. His name is Chance, and he has a personality that won't quit!   He is almost perfectly mannered, and is as charming as he can be.  Who couldn't love a face like this! 

However, he does have one little bad habit...

He wants out this door, really badly every morning, well really all day long!
In and of itself, that is not a point of contention...
There is a lot of little details however which serve
 to make it a little problematic...

First there is the fact I like to get up at 5A.M.  I do that because I like to start my morning slowly.  I like to make my eggs, bacon, and coffee with International Delight's Sugar Free Caramel Macchiato Gourmet Coffee Creamer, and set a pretty table in the kitchen. I watch the sun rise through the french doors and windows which the table sits in front of as I enjoy my breakfast.  (I am trying to stay off the sweets, and truly that concoction from International Delight in my coffee is an adequate sugar fix for the whole day, and I don't get a bit of sugar!)  I check my email, work on my blog, and read books as I eat slowly, and sip my coffee. The eagerness with which Chance approaches every day isn't slow in any way, hence the conflict in our two morning routines.

Chance just  cannot wait to go outside... and before the first ray of daylight, along about 4:30, he begins begging to go outside. First he paces... going to the window and using his nose to push the curtain aside, and peeking out.   He jumps around, "noses" me, and seems to be able to whine in several different languages. If that doesn't get me up, he puts both paws up on the bed, completely forgetting his limp from the night before from racing around chasing the horses, and does something akin to singing.  With his head thrown back, making vocals such as I have never heard from man nor beast, he sings of his desire to "live free."  In his favor, he is such a little gentleman, as when I tell him no, he is quiet for about 5 minutes. Then it starts all over again until I get up and let him out. (I guess persistence is a virtue... in some cases...)  It was so chilly this morning, about 42, and I have to stay out with him before the sun comes up, because there are huge packs of coyotes that come through the property during the night.  They would have him in less than thirty seconds.

So a brief time for morning routines, then we go back inside and it is now time to get up... sigh...  I start my own routine... but it isn't quiet and peaceful any longer.  The next round of desiring the outdoors begins just about the time I set down to breakfast, and the rounds end when he naps, or we go to bed at night.  Who cares, he is a wonderful little companion, dashing through his days in complete joy at having found a home at the ranch!

When he saw the cat go by when I let him in for breakfast, he immediately deduced there could be amusing things going on inside the house too! I can't wait to watch him explore Kuwait, I know he will love it!